Chantz-Rihan Aluska

The most important things I learned from PHOTO 1 was rule of thirds and alternating your perspective.

  1. Rule of Thirds;

The rule of thirds is basically how you align your photo, this is on the left third. So its done correctly.

2. Alternating your Perspective;

In this picture, I layed down on the ground and snapped a shot (: not that hard to do

3. Aperture;

Aperture is basically the size of the hole in the lense, that lets light in. This is a super low aperture, so it makes the background blurry.


My 1ST project I attempted PET PHOTOGRAPHY which honestly didn't turn out as great as I thought I would. It's sooo much harder then I thought it would be because the dogs I shot are super energetic so you need a lot of patience which I didn't really have. But I can admit that I had a lot of fun because you never know what the animal your shooting is gonna do. (:



My 2ND project was a fail attempt at PORTRAIT. Portrait actually is my absolute favorite type of photography, but I tried doing this assignment in a week so it turned out pretty bad. One thing to keep in mind when doing portrait is if your going to shoot three different people, SHOOT MANY MANY TIMES. And if you're going to do one person, SHOOT THEM MULTIPLE TIMES AND DON'T FORGET TO CAPTURE ALL SIDES OF THEIR PERSONALITY. At least that's what I look for.


My 3RD project was FEET PHOTOGRAPHY. First things first I didn't even originally plan on shooting feet. I wanted to shoot black and white, but I reeeeally needed to find a "theme" (extremely important in photo 2) So I thought of feet since I like looove feet. Creepy right? My idea for feet photography is capturing feet in places you wouldn't expect them. "Creative"



And my 4th and final project was POP FILM. Well, Its basicallly a film camera with 9 lenses. A lot of my photos didn't do that great. But I still like them.

PHOTO-SHOP WORK;Making adjustments, was pretty cool because I, of all people would desperately want to get green moccasins.


Sharpness, basically you turn a not so focused picture, into a focused picture.

Not so focused... ->
Focused (:

Selecting portions of an image was super fun, mainly because its just fun, you take one thing from a picture, and move it onto another background!