Angela Meisler's Senior Portfolio

Photography was an amazing class. It was a great class, and i recommend everyone to take it, although it is a very hard class to get into, but totally worth the wait. Ms. Morell is an amazing teacher and I will greatly miss her. To all the others that will still remain in high school after the Seniors leave. Keep Shooting, and have fun, because its over before you know it.

Photo Shop Assignments

This photo is working with masks, all I did was adjust the curves, and add color to the skittles. Then I added a heart as a mask in the bottom left corner. This was a fairly easy photo shop tutorial.

This photo is all about sharpening and highlighting the details in the photo. This photo shop assignment was a very easy and fun, because it makes the photo look totally different than what it used to be, with just the sharpening of the details.

This photo is part of the masks photo tutorial. I selected her scarf, and did the inverse and made the rest of photo black and right, kind of like the skittles project above. I then changed the color of the scarf, and upped the contrast.

This photo was with using the burn tool to highlight and darken different parts of the photo. Again this is my friend Megan, who was a great model for all of my photo assignments doing with people pretty much. I also ended up shooting her senior photos. But anyways here is the photo.

Photo 1 Assignments

Photo 1 was a experimental class. We learned the basics of photography, and it was very easy, only after Miss Morell explained things. Some of them were hard like the panning photo, I still have not gotten that down to this day, but all in all Photography 1 was a very fun class, and the people in it were amazing.

The photo below was actually our first project in photo 1. The assignment was aperture, which is the practicing of focusing on certain things in a photo. I did my project on skittles, which is really cool because Miss Morell also pointed out how she likes the circles on the folder matching the subject of my picture.

The next photo was my assignment for rule of thirds. I had gotten the first two photos down but the thrid photo was always the hardest one. Although the photo was hard to capture i hade a very fun time shooting this project.

This photo was actually one that I had taken at an Eagle River Camera Club meeting. The project was working with light, and I loved using all the different types of lighting. I took over 500 pictures that night and some turned out really nice. This is one of my favorite ones from the series.

This photo was for our last assignment of the semester. The assignment was Black and White. I found this assignment fairly easy, because it was very easy for me to find things to shoot. This photo is of my dog Mattie, I really like the stars in her eyes.

Photo 2 Assignments

Photo 2 was by far my favorite class of high school ever. In Photo 2 we got freedom to shoot what we were most interested in, which was really cool. My favorite assignment was actually my last one, which was advertisement.

The photo below was my favorite photo from my last assignment. I kind of did this assignment was last minute, taking the fact that my original last piece was of eyes. But in the end I liked this assignment much better.


The photo below I actually didn't turn in as part of a project, but I really liked the photo. I actually took this photo while shooting my first assignment while messing around with my camera, and it turned out good.


This photo is one of my friend Megan. This was one for my first assignment for the semester which was of portraits. I tool a lot of photos for this assignment, but in all honesty none of them turned out to good. This was one of the best ones. I know there are mergers, but I still like the photo.


This photo was from my third project, using the pop camera. I really liked shooting with film, I guess its the affect it has on the grain of the photo. I really liked the affect that the pop camera has, and I love the fact that it each individual square is different in some way.


All in all, Photography over the span of my Senior year, was an amazing experience, and I will greatly miss Miss Morell. I hope everyone succeeds in their plans for the future, and live life.