Andrea luper


So, last year was my first year in exploring in the world of photography. it really changed how I view it too. I mean, before I ever took a class or anything, I always assumed any picture I took was good (cats and plants on my phone). After this class, well, turns out I was awful. Man, rules sure proved me wrong.
On the bright side of things, I definitely learned a lot! It was fun, difficult, and really embarrassing most of the time. But, worth it.

Aperture, first project. This one involves changing the eff stop to a higher or lower number, determining how much of the photo is in focus.This one my friends, has a LOW aperture. causing only the subject to be in focus.


Le second project. This one involves how fast the shutter opens and closes, determining how long the exposure is. The first picture (which was actually taken this year, not last) portrays a fast shutter speed, being able to freeze motion like so. the second picture however is a long exposure (15 seconds to be exact) which is used to capture time to create a more surreal effect. The last thing we learned was panning, which is a slow shutter speed (under 1/60) and following your subject causing only the subject to be in focus while everything else gives the appearance of motion; being blurry.

RULE OF THIRDS. (sorry to keep yelling at you)
In this lesson we learned the rule of thirds, which is basically dividing your picture up into a grid (2 lines crossing 2 lines), and placing your subject in one of the squares you have created. Wow, that was complicated. Here, this picture will show you.


This was probably our first real project. Also the project I didn't do. But portrait is basically just pictures of people; simple as that. You are allowed to break the rules of composition for this project, as long as it has a good outcome. Portrait is my favorite kind of photography (still dont remember why I didn't do it), so here are some examples of portrait that I took this year instead of last year.


This was definitely my least favorite project. Landscapes are not really a favorite of mine. Also, I didn't (again) save my photos from last year. Kind of a shame really, since I even turned one in upside-down. But again, here are some from this year to demonstrate landscapes.
The first is one taken at Point Woronzof, and the second is a fisheye film shot that I shot on my street.


My Final project for photo one was....
This project was Mandy's way of making us use all the knowledge we had gained in this year of photography, and put it towards our final project. We chose black and white, and the only real guidelines for this was that it must have at least one true white and one true black in the photos (rather than different shades of gray). So these were my legitimate pictures from last year. Yeah. Hm.



Alright, second year of photography. During this semester, we had four main projects to complete (our choice of subject), one project had to be film, and throughout the semester we also had weekly photoshop tutorials. I'm not sure if I liked it better or worse than the first year, but it was definitely different. I am not a huge fan of photoshop, so I guess that's the main reason I didn't like it, but I loved the freedom of subjects.

PROJECT ONE: (didn't do it, I was excused for being on the RURE trip to Brevig mission, but here are some pictures from my trip.)


PROJECT TWO: For this project, I decided to take portraits of my best friend Maddie. But since I always took portraits, I decided to try something new and do black and white portraits (and sepia). Well, this was my attempt.


PROJECT THREE: So, I did self portraits for this one. Not too sure why, it was very humiliating to see pictures of myself hanging up for everyone to see. Not to mention taking the pictures makes you feel like myspace all over again. Well, aside from all that, I think it turned out alright. But the main problem I had was deciding which ones to choose. See, I took a whole bunch of them and had to settle on three (well I guess I didn't have to, but anymore than that just seemed overkill). Which was hard. So here are some of my favorites, not necessarily the ones I turned in, but the ones I liked most. (the top right one is actually a diptych, but you cant really tell with the white background)


PROJECT FOUR: Well, I knew the day would come eventually. Yes, I had to do this project in film. I have had lots of previous experience with film, none of it good. What I'm saying is, I am awful at film. I have the worst luck, they never turn out, etc. Well, that's aside from the point. For this project I decided to do film double exposures. It's simple really, you take a roll of film *kachink kachink* go through the roll completely, rewind the film *whirrrr*, then reload it for a second round. I was pretty freaking lucky with the outcome of this roll. So here are the ones I turned in.


PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS: Here are some of the things we learned in Photoshop.

Selecting portions of a photo:

Adjusting colors:

Working with layers:

Creative photoshopping, (this one was pretty fun because we were allowed to use anything we learned in photoshop to make anything we wanted):


Well, that's it. That's my entire photography career. Hasta Luego