Amanda's Senior Portfolio of Photo II

I loved Photography 1 and 2 this year. I took both my senior year and I recommend everyone to take it! It was by far my favorite class to go to each semester.

Project 1: MACRO
I chose to do macro because we ended with it in photo I and I really enjoyed it. We did food/macro so I wanted to break away from food and do flowers. In all three I used photoshop. I turned up the vibrance so the colors would stand out. In the third photo I brought up the sharpness to show all the detail in the flower.

Project 2: Eye Portrait
For this project I wanted to mess around with Photoshop. I researched a lot online and decided I would change eye color. Although it didn't come out how I wanted it to, I still like the effect and I think it's really cool that I learned it. My first photo of my sister I wanted to make realistic. You can't even tell that she doesn't have green eyes, which is the cool part about it. My mom and my cousin, I did fake eye colors (obviously) but I still liked the effect.

Project 3: Panorama
This was my favorite project. I started it a while back and then quit because it was so hard. But Mrs. Morell told me to keep on doing it because it would turn out really cool so I stuck with it, and I was very impressed with how the photos turned out. With this first photo, it is a series of four shots and I photoshopped the sky. In the second picture, unfortunately the entire thing cannot be shown. That was as small as I could shrink it but it consists of 13 photos. I lowered the saturation to give it more of a black and white effect but to still keep the red in the photo. I hardly photoshopped my last photo, I brightened the blues in the photo. This is a series of about 5 photos. The second and third photos are 360 panoramas, meaning that I went around in a circle, keeping my camera on a tripod and took photos.

Photoshop Tutorials:

For this tutorial, I took away all of my brothers blemishes and acne. Which....not gonna lie, he had a lot. But not it looks great!

This tutorial was about stitching together photos. Which is what I did for my third project. In this one though, it differs from my project photos. Instead of 360 panoramas, I did from the ground up. Which is three photos. I took one of the ground, one of the middle, and one of the sky.

This tutorial involved making masks and adding a different photo on top of another photo. So I had a photo of Kyle jumping and put it onto one of my favorite landscape photos.


In this tutorial I changed the color of my shirt which was originally pink, to purple. I did this by making a mask around my shirt and opened up a new layer to change the "hue/saturation" of my shirt.


In this tutorial, it was one of the more basic tutorials when we first learned to make layers and to choose a fill background color. I chose my flower photo from project one and did a simple white background

Amanda's Portfolio of Photo I
Aperture: This was the first project. It was fun because it was the first time I actually
used a SLR camera so it was cool for me to see that aperture made one thing in focus
and the background out of focus.

Shutterspeed: I thought this project was kind of cool how you could use different shutter
speeds to capture the right image. You could do a panning picture (the second photo below) or
a really fast action picture (the one below). Panning took a few tries. Make sure to listen
to Ms. Morell and take good notes on the panning! Use the right shutterspeeds!


Rule of Thirds: I came up with this idea the weekend before it was due. I took home the camera
and did this shot off my back deck. The leaf is on the grill cover and I placed water droplets on
the leaf. This was our first real project using aperture and shutterspeed together.

Point of View: This was our first big 100 point assignment. It was hard to grasp at first (the concept)
but one I got it, it was pretty simple. The hardest part was coming up with the ideas. On this
assignment I got a 95, my other two pictures were fine but the 5 points came off because of the watch
I used. It was the only watch I could find (Thanks to Chemene!). I was hoping for an actual watch
that runners use but oh well.

Portrait!!! This was by far my favorite project. When everyone saw this picture they laughed
(good thing Kyle wasn't there for the critique!) It's grainy because I had to use a 1600 ISO
in order for the light to be okay. But I like how the aperture made Kyle's eyes all black and
mysterious kind of.

Landscape: So apparently clouds don't count as landscape. I had an awesome shot of the sun coming through
dark clouds. I was bummed to find out (after I submitted it) that it wouldn't really count. But this was by far the
coolest picture I took. I especially like how the rays of the sun turned out.