Alex Smith

Photo 2 Portfolio

Project One

Portraits: This one was my worst project for this class. It was partly my fault for not uploading my pictures everytime i was done taking them, but it was mainly my partners fault for deleting my photos. I personally think my portraits from photo 1 were better and I put less than 5 minutes of work in those photos. I chose to do portraits because I thought they were easy but it turns out they are not as easy as I remember.
Yeah, like I said, these are horrible.

Project Two

Landscape: This was my best project so far because I put the most time into this one. I really like how these photos turned out and they turned out even better after I edited them. I really like landscape photography because I like the way the photos look through the eye of other photographers.


Project Three

Black & White Matted And Mounted: I really liked this project alot. I really liked matting and mounting because it makes the pictures look so much better. I also liked taking black and whites because its so easy, but I think I could have done a little better. Over all, I think I did a pretty good job.smith_black_and_white1.jpgblack_and_white_3.jpgsmith_black_and_white2.jpg

Project Four

Fisheye With Film: This was a really project to do. i really liked working with the fisheye lens because i like the effect it makes. The only thing I didn't like about this project was that it was film. I dont really like using film because i cant see what the pictures look like after I took them and it kin of annoyed me. I really liked how these pictures turned out.